Perspective is made
of Storm and Ashes

Symona Colina

Born in Ridderkerk  the Netherlands in 1954.

participated in a number of exhibitions in several countries;

the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Spain, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Czech

Republic, France ...



Symona Colina

My work is like the wind

defined by Time and Space.

Driven by the wind the clouds play "Once upon a time" with the shadows.

That's where the brushes touch the canvas.

Enclosed by the wind...

is where transparency lies ahead and time is left behind.

That is where I am in wonder.


A painting is like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.

Balancing on the surface,

on the edge of Time. 

                   is beholding infinity

                   on the tip of the brush.

Height width depth...

A world to see and to see a world.

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