Symona Colina Visual Artist

A world to see and to see a world.


Oil on Canvas 100 x 100



"Jugglers" : Symona Colina -Visual Artist, Painting oil on canvas 100 x 100


It has been quite a struggle this Juggle…

Since going about in this Space and moving it about  meant going about with the light …

A juggle about and within space, and within this space with the light.

Trying to keep the final image stable enough to see

Keeping the final image from visually moving about.

Since the used “juggle” of the perspective tends to do so.

Things are not always how and what they seem to be…



A painting is like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.

Balancing on the surface,

on the edge of Time.

is beholding infinity

on the tip of the brush.

‘Height width depth…’

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