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Prints of the Pencil on Paper – high quality print Limited edition 1/100

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Pencil on Paper

Signed and controlled by the artist Symona Colina and provided with the artist’s hologram.



Just brighten up your wall with an:

Certified Fine Art Giclée

A Giclée is  high quality reproduction made with a special high-tech printer.

The Giclée are made by a Master Printer in close collaboration with the artist.

The Giclée are signed and verified by the artist Symona Colina and provided with the artist’s hologram,


“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of silence…” (Orhan Pamuk)

If you are likely to brighten up your wall,your life…, with a Certified Art Giclée…

And/ or a print of ‘Grace’, ‘Onda’ of ‘Orologio’

(pencil on paper,  Digital Carbon Prints.

Carbon based inks on Hahnemuele Photo Rag Paper 308.

This paper is made of 100% cotton, entirely neutral and devoid of any metamerism effects.

This type of paper is similar to a baryta matte paper and has the added benefit of deeper blacks.

And meets museum archival durability standards.)

Just fill in the contact-form, leave a note… and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

And how about


"WHAT" is to read, to see, to experience…

Binding : Hardback
 Distribution : Book
 Format : 120mm x 165mm
 Number of pages: 67
 Editor : De Bromvlieg
 ISBN : 9789082503715
 Datum publication : 08-2016
is a treasure to read, to see, to experience…

 What is like the wind,

“WHAT” is

a world to see.

To see a world

is what…

Symona Colina, Visual Artist, Prints


is  a story

whose words are written

In the faded ink of

“days gone by”

A story about what,

and for WHAT.

For you and to you.


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