Symona Colina Visual Artist going about in Perspective

 About the Egg-Scapes …

The EggScapes are a free variation in,on, over and about the Landscapes.

A world to see.

In an EggScape one can wander about, like in a Land-Scape.

One can wonder about

The EggScapes represent a window in a blind wall.

A world of  height width and depth.

The EggScapes started of with a point to follow a line.

A point in itself is a world of height width and depth.

A world to see.

An Egg is symbolical, philosophical, physiological, biological, mathematical…

An Egg has within any perspective a horizon in itself, in its shell.

In one word its “shellf”.

A world to see and to see a world.

An Egg has the prospective to be or not to become.

Often an egg breaks through to its prospective, to follow a line …


The EggScapes


"N'Uovo" : Symona Colina -Visual Artist, Painting oil on canvas 120 x 120


“N’ Uovo ”

An egg.

Just an egg.

A beauty in its self.

In it’s shell.

It’s shape.








Done well.

A pleasure…

To my taste.





Symona Colina Visual Artist

A world to see and to see a world.


Oil on Canvas 100 x 100



"Jugglers" : Symona Colina -Visual Artist, Painting oil on canvas 100 x 100


It has been quite a struggle this Juggle…

Since going about in this Space and moving it about  meant going about with the light …

A juggle about and within space, and within this space with the light.

Trying to keep the final image stable enough to see

Keeping the final image from visually moving about.

Since the used “juggle” of the perspective tends to do so.

Things are not always how and what they seem to be…



A painting is like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.

Balancing on the surface,

on the edge of Time.

is beholding infinity

on the tip of the brush.

‘Height width depth…’

Pencil on Paper

"WHAT" is to read, to see, to experience…


Pencil on Paper

The Graphite Clouds

Where the pencil touches the paper as a gentile breeze or a heavy storm the graphite clouds are left behind…

My work is like the wind

defined by time and space

I took the first steps in writing WHAT during my studies at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. The Netherlands.

Because questions like, “Wat is that?”

“What is the meaning of this?”

And “What is behind this? have become firmly rooted fundamental structures in the narrative and articulated framework of the visual arts.

“What do you mean by that?”


Communication, a perfectly ordinary concept, is actually extremely complex.

A concept in which countless factors are at play.

Music that sounds in our ears…

Gestures that perpetuate,describe…

Fragrances that surround us…

The fall of light at a moment…

And altogether everything depends on the weather I think.

However, it took many years before a book arose.

A picture book filled with words, describing what, with words that endowed What, the poor soul. with stature.

The pencil drawings randomly occupy the center stage and give shape to what…

WHAT is to see and to experience.

Awareness of ‘being’ is often the result of the consciousness-raising process,

that is entwined with the growing process in and of life.

Awaking in a dream is an everyday event.

On the long run just a moment.


WHAT… is

a world to see.

To see a world…

is what..


Drawing with graphite on paper.

Paper graphite clouds.

Sometimes they look a little like What,

or not at all, in no way …

In the worst case they look like  ghost and fairybears.

Yet it mainly looks like…


The graphite clouds carry names in all kinds of languages.

These give What the color of the rainbow.

Thus has WHAT become a handful of rainbow clouds …



Symona Colina Visual Artist


Prints of the Pencil on Paper – high quality print Limited edition 1/100

Symona Colina' Shop for Prints


Pencil on Paper

Signed and controlled by the artist Symona Colina and provided with the artist’s hologram.



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Certified Fine Art Giclée

A Giclée is  high quality reproduction made with a special high-tech printer.

The Giclée are made by a Master Printer in close collaboration with the artist.

The Giclée are signed and verified by the artist Symona Colina and provided with the artist’s hologram,


“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of silence…” (Orhan Pamuk)

If you are likely to brighten up your wall,your life…, with a Certified Art Giclée…

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And how about


"WHAT" is to read, to see, to experience…

Binding : Hardback
 Distribution : Book
 Format : 120mm x 165mm
 Number of pages: 67
 Editor : De Bromvlieg
 ISBN : 9789082503715
 Datum publication : 08-2016
is a treasure to read, to see, to experience…

 What is like the wind,

“WHAT” is

a world to see.

To see a world

is what…

Symona Colina, Visual Artist, Prints


is  a story

whose words are written

In the faded ink of

“days gone by”

A story about what,

and for WHAT.

For you and to you.


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Symona Colina, Visual Artist, Prints


Symona Colina

Symona Colina Visual Artist

A world to see… – To see a world…

Symona Colina – Visual Artist

Art has many interfaces with existence.

Is all round in its countless disciplines.

And nevertheless unlimited.

The interfaces employed by Symona Colina in the visual arts chiefly tie in with:

‘spatial perception, spatial thinking and contemplation.’

Through which infinity apparently comes within reach.


Symona Colina,

My work is like the wind..

Crushing, caressing, and embracing the Space surrounding me.

Where the clouds driven by the wind play  “Once upon a time” with the shadows…

Crushing, caressing, and embracing ‘Space’.

The brushes touching the canvas are enclosed and embraced by the wind…

Like beholding infinity on the tip of the brush…

And when transparency lies ahead, and time is left behind…

I just am myself, I just am in wonder.

My world is defined by ‘Height Width and  Depth…’

My world is defined by ‘Time and Space…’

A painting is defined by ‘Height Width and  Depth…’

A painting is like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.

In wonder.

Balancing on the surface.

On the edge of Time.

Is beholding infinity…

on the tip of the brush.

‘Height width depth…’

A world to see and to see a world.

Thàt is where I am in wonder.

Symona Colina:

Born in Ridderkerk  the Netherlands in 1954.

In a village on the banks of the river in the Ridderkerk district.

Participated in a number of exhibitions in several countries;

In the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Spain, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France …



Amsterdam NL, 2016, World Fashion Center

Rotterdam Nl, 2015, AHOY Nationale Kunstdagen 2015

Roma IT, 2015, ArtePerOggi Teatro dei DioScuri

Bruxelles BE, 2014, AmartGallery

London GB, 2014, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

Roma IT, 2013, Palazzo Pontificio Maffei Marescotti

Torino IT, 2013, Biennale Museo MIIT

Roma IT, 2013, Domus Talenti

Amsterdam NL, 2013, ADAF – World Fashion Center

Torino IT, 2013, MITT Museo Torino

Bonn De, 2013, Kunstlerforum Bonn

Roma IT, 2012, Teatro dei DioScuri

Padova IT, 2012, 23° Fiera Arte Padova

Sofia BG, 2012, Rayko Alexiev Community Center

Grosseto IT, 2012, Centro AGAF

NewYork US, 2012, New Art Center

Roma IT, 2012, Teatro dei Dioscuri

Praga Ce, 2012, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga

Milano IT, 2011, Galleria Spazio Museale

Paris FR, 2011, Caroussel du Louvre

Milano IT, 2011, Galleria “il Borgo”

S.Severa IT, 2011, Castello di S.Severa

Chianciano Terme IT, 2011, Biennale di Museo d’Arte ChiancianoTerme

Barcelona SP, 2011, SWAB (Camdenartgallerie)

Torino IT, 2011, Miniformato, Accademia SantaRita

Béziers FR, 2011, Salone Internazionale di Béziers.

Torino IT, 2011, Villa Guialino (Internazionale Italia Arte)

Santa Marinella IT, 2011, Villa Alagna

Bologna IT, 2011, Expo Officina Minganti

Torino IT, 2011, Museo della Citta di Collegno

Santa Severa IT, 2011, Castello di S.Severa, premio Astarte

New York US, 2011, International Competition Chelsea

New York US, 2010, Agora Gallery

Firenze IT, 2009, IV Biennale 2009

Roma IT, 2009, Centro Internazionale OAD

Santa Severa IT, 2009, Castello di Santa Severa

Torino IT, 2009, Antichi Chiostri

Torino IT, 2009, Accademia Internazionale SantaRita

Santa Marinella IT, 2009, Casina Rosa

Venezia IT, 2009, Galleria Françoise Calgagno

Roma IT, 2008, Caffe Letterario

Ferrara IT, 2008IV, Biennale Ferrara

Genova IT, 2008, Museo ‘Flavio Roma’

Montemaggiore IT, 2002, Associazione Culturale

Maastricht NL, 2001, Instituut Europêen

Santa Marinella IT, 2000, Porto Odeschalchi

Apeldoorn NL, 2000, Royal Talens

Chiavari IT, 1999, Chiesa: s.Francesco

Winschoten NL, 1999, Hospedale:s.Lucas

Sestri Levante IT, 1998, da ‘Nadia’

Oosterbeek NL, 1995, de ‘Valkenburcht’

Clonmel IR, 1991, Galleria di ‘Owen’



Jaarboek Kunstenaars, 2016 Stichting Kunstweek Nederland

Cohen’s Choise – Stichting Kunstweek, 2015Nederland

Kunstoase, 2013 Nederland (Najaar)

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2013

Effetto Arte Anno : 3, no 1, Gen-Feb.2013, EA Editore

Art Museum Selection, 2012

Art in Vogue London, 2012

BOE – Premio della Critica, 2011

Effetto Arte Dicembre, 2011

Avanguardie Artistiche Centro Diffusione Arte, 2011

World Wide Art Books, 2011

International Contemporary Masters IV, 2011

World Wide Art Books Dictionary of Artists, 2010

Art is Spectrum 2010, Agora Gallery

NY Artsmagazine, 2010

ArtFairs International January 19th

Cover “Royal Talens” BV., 1993





Visual Arts

Symona Colina Visual Artist

A world to see…

To see a world…

A Painting:

                A rectangle has four sides,

                one on the left, one on the right,

                above and under.

A Space:

                 A cube has six sides,

                 one on the left, one on the right,

                 above, under, the front and behind.


                  The front and the back of the cube are the surface.

                  I paint on the surface.

                  And I think…

                  I see…

A painting is somewhat like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.


Balancing on the surface,

on the edge of Time.

                   is beholding infinity

                   on the tip of the brush.

Height width depth…

A world to see and to see a world.


Painting on Oil on Canvas:


About a discipline called painting.

About  Art…



Art has many interfaces with existence.

Is ‘all round’ in its countless disciplines and nevertheless unlimited.

The main interfaces employed are spatial perception, spatial thinking, and contemplation…

Through which infinity apparently comes within reach.




Symona Colina; “My work is like the wind crushing caressing capturing Space …”

A Space on a canvas is created with geometrical, mathematical structures.

Parallels visually crossing in infinity define the limits, pointing out the horizon.

The rainbow of light goes its way about … and about…

Crushing caressing capturing a Space, like the wind…

The wind crushes, caresses captures and embraces within Time the Space surrounding me…

The parallels and the rainbow of light, being equivalent, define these ever restless limits.

A Space, defined by the borders of the size of the canvas, is focussed and painted with oil on canvas.


  • is made of Storm and Ashes.
  • is more and less like a box of algorithms.
  • has no boundary.
  • circumscribes the rainbow-colored horizon.
  • a gateway through infinity.
  • the cutting edge of Space and Time.

Symona Colina, Visual Artist, Painting