Visual Arts

Symona Colina Visual Artist

A world to see…

To see a world…

A Painting:

                A rectangle has four sides,

                one on the left, one on the right,

                above and under.

A Space:

                 A cube has six sides,

                 one on the left, one on the right,

                 above, under, the front and behind.


                  The front and the back of the cube are the surface.

                  I paint on the surface.

                  And I think…

                  I see…

A painting is somewhat like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.


Balancing on the surface,

on the edge of Time.

                   is beholding infinity

                   on the tip of the brush.

Height width depth…

A world to see and to see a world.


Painting on Oil on Canvas:


About a discipline called painting.

About  Art…



Art has many interfaces with existence.

Is ‘all round’ in its countless disciplines and nevertheless unlimited.

The main interfaces employed are spatial perception, spatial thinking, and contemplation…

Through which infinity apparently comes within reach.




Symona Colina; “My work is like the wind crushing caressing capturing Space …”

A Space on a canvas is created with geometrical, mathematical structures.

Parallels visually crossing in infinity define the limits, pointing out the horizon.

The rainbow of light goes its way about … and about…

Crushing caressing capturing a Space, like the wind…

The wind crushes, caresses captures and embraces within Time the Space surrounding me…

The parallels and the rainbow of light, being equivalent, define these ever restless limits.

A Space, defined by the borders of the size of the canvas, is focussed and painted with oil on canvas.


  • is made of Storm and Ashes.
  • is more and less like a box of algorithms.
  • has no boundary.
  • circumscribes the rainbow-colored horizon.
  • a gateway through infinity.
  • the cutting edge of Space and Time.

Symona Colina, Visual Artist, Painting