A painting

A drawing

Starts with a point.
One out of infinite possibilities…
Then follows a line,
on the surface of height and width,
following the comprehensive wind,
crushing, caressing, capturing… a space.
Almost touching the horizon…
A whisper of the wind on the cutting edge…

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Once upon a time…

One day many… many years ago…
Almost yesterday…
I came across a beautiful box with crayons… colored pencils…
It was a bit like looking at a rainbow, finding a rainbow.

I picked up the box filled with these colored pencils.
Sat down in the evening light and started to draw…

Not knowing, at the time, that it was the beginning of a never-ending story…
Now, since time has passed… the colored pencils are as once in my now old hands…
Although I learned a lot and came a long way…

Within time, I came to know that I am not far from the beginning of this never ending story.” 

Symona Colina

Symona Colina


One starts off with a point then follows the line… following the comprehensive wind…

Symona Colina - Visual Artist

… but dust in the wind…

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.”
Orhan Pamuk

Symona Colina

Symona Colina born in Ridderkerk the Netherlands in 1954.
Participated in a number of exhibitions in several countries;
the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Spain, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France ...

My work is like the wind, perceiving perspective. A perspective which touches and surrounds me, and in its essence forms the source of my work and sparkles in endless interfaces.

Composing with the shades of rainbow-light…

Brushes in my hand, weaving lines and tunes into the shades…

Words strung like beads on a string fall featherlight on a thin surface…

A song to see…

Rainbow-light grows into whispered words of a high-pitched rhapsody…

A song to see.

A world to see… Art has many interfaces with existence. It is all round in its countless disciplines. And nevertheless unlimited. The interfaces employed by Symona Colina in the visual arts chiefly tie in with: 'spatial perception, spatial thinking and contemplation.' Through which infinity apparently comes within reach.

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Sestri Levante IT, 1998, da ‘Nadia’

Oosterbeek NL, 1995, de ‘Valkenburcht’

Clonmel IR, 1991, Galleria di ‘Owen’



Spotlight temporary art magazine, 2021 Circle art foundation

Circle quarterly art review, 2021 Circle art foundation

Jaarboek Kunstenaars, 2016 Stichting Kunstweek Nederland

Cohen's Choise - Stichting Kunstweek, 2015 Nederland

Kunstoase, 2013 Nederland (Najaar)

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2013

Effetto Arte Anno : 3, no 1, Gen-Feb.2013, EA Editore

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Cover "Royal Talens" BV., 1993


Certificate Creative Excellence, Circle Foundation for the Arts - 2023

Primo Premio Firenze, Fiorino d'Oro - 2022

Artist Value Certification, Artmajeur - 2021

Certificat of Artistic Excellence, Circle Foundation for the Arts - 2021

Honorable mention, Bienale of Chianciano - 2011

Honorable award, Art Addiction Medial Museum  MAB3 - 2016

Premio Astarte 1°Classification Painting - 2010

Merito all Artista, Internazional Exhibition Italia Arte - 2011

Premio Internazionale Tokyo, Centro Diffusione Arte - 2011

Premio della Critica BOE, L'editor Effetto Arte - 2010

Il premio internazionale Lorenzo il magnifico - Premio del Presidente

Biennale Internazionale dell'arte contemporanea - 2009




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