"WHAT" is to read, to see, to experience…


Pencil on Paper

The Graphite Clouds

Where the pencil touches the paper as a gentile breeze or a heavy storm the graphite clouds are left behind…

My work is like the wind

defined by time and space

I took the first steps in writing WHAT during my studies at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. The Netherlands.

Because questions like, “Wat is that?”

“What is the meaning of this?”

And “What is behind this? have become firmly rooted fundamental structures in the narrative and articulated framework of the visual arts.

“What do you mean by that?”


Communication, a perfectly ordinary concept, is actually extremely complex.

A concept in which countless factors are at play.

Music that sounds in our ears…

Gestures that perpetuate,describe…

Fragrances that surround us…

The fall of light at a moment…

And altogether everything depends on the weather I think.

However, it took many years before a book arose.

A picture book filled with words, describing what, with words that endowed What, the poor soul. with stature.

The pencil drawings randomly occupy the center stage and give shape to what…

WHAT is to see and to experience.

Awareness of ‘being’ is often the result of the consciousness-raising process,

that is entwined with the growing process in and of life.

Awaking in a dream is an everyday event.

On the long run just a moment.


WHAT… is

a world to see.

To see a world…

is what..


Drawing with graphite on paper.

Paper graphite clouds.

Sometimes they look a little like What,

or not at all, in no way …

In the worst case they look like  ghost and fairybears.

Yet it mainly looks like…


The graphite clouds carry names in all kinds of languages.

These give What the color of the rainbow.

Thus has WHAT become a handful of rainbow clouds …


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