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WHAT is like the wind…


The Magic of Pencil on Paper


My work is like the wind

defined by time and space.



Mare Mosso

 Oil on Canvas 120×120

Mare Mosso 


Mare Mosso,

There is the wind,

whispering, caressing, seducing.

Soft breezes, mighty storms.

I feel the wind

crushing, caressing, capturing…


I see the wind on the sea,

in the clouds covering the sky.

One with the wind, ship and sea.

Man is made from mussel and bones.


A world moving on and on.

From one end to an other.

Into and from a deep blue sky,

into and from a deep blue sea.


The wind is whispering stories.

The wind with all its might.

The wind is telling me dreams.

And I believe them all.



The Magic of Pencil on Paper


Art has many interfaces with existence, is ‘all round’ in its countless disciplines and nevertheless unlimited.

The interfaces I  employ in the visual arts chiefly tie in with ‘spatial perception’, ‘spatial thinking’ and ‘contemplation’.

Through which infinity apparently comes within reach.




a world to see.

To see a world…

is what…






Graphite Clouds

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About the Graphite Clouds


WHAT is like the wind…



Is a story

whose words are written

in the faded ink of

” days  gone by”


A story about what,

and for WHAT.


For you and to you.

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