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The eyes are useless if the mind is blind


About the the Egg-Scapes

The EggScapes are a free variation in,on, over and about the Landscapes.

A world to see.


In an Egg-Scape one can wander about, like in a Land-Scape.

The Egg-Scapes represent a window in a blind wall.

A world of  height width and depth.


The Egg-Scapes started of with a point to follow a line.


A point in itself is a world of height width and depth.

A world to see.


An Egg is symbolical, philosophical, physiological, biological, mathematical…

An Egg has within any perspective a horizon in itself, in its shell.

In one word its “shellf”.


A world to see…

To see a world.


An Egg has the prospective to be or not to become.

Often an egg breaks through to its prospective, to follow a line …





An egg.

Just an egg.

A beauty in its self.

In it’s shell.

It’s shape.








Done well.

A pleasure…

To my taste.

Oil on Canvas 120 x 120



An egg to behold for a moment

beheld at an arm length away.


One step forward to reach

its horizon entwined with the skyline .


In such a deep moment

lies infinity in the palm of my hand.

Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

Eggshell Scape



Passing through at the skylines,

is a way to enter this world…


To be in a world to see,

is breaking through eggshells…


To see a world,

is walking on these…

Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

BootlEgg Scape



Entwined with the skyline,

fits one egg into its perspective

like a glove.


One egg in this perspective

is a roots out of two



Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

Edgge Scape



Driven by the wind

going about and about…

Heading straight for the skyline…

tumbling over the horizons cutting edge…


These shells are ever so transparent…

Are there windows in a blind wall?



Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

Eggs Scape



The interchangeable perspective of the


A  dual-sight in one window,

A world defined by height width and depth.


Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

Egghead Scape



Heading for the horizon,

where all  the eggheads,

horses and man

tumble over and over

and over again.

Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

WindEgg Scape



It started off with a point.
To follow the wind.
In a world of height width and depth.

The wind so easy to notice but not to be seen.
is going about and about…
In a world full of wonder.

Oil on Canvas 70 x 80

Tonno Rosso

TONNO ROSSO (Red Tuna-fish ) 


The Red Tuna-fish
on the cutting-edge
in a double yolk Eggscape .

In phase of extinction.

A world to see.
To see a world.

A world with-out.

Oil on Canvas 90 x 100




To go about in an Egg-Scape is to be

in a world to see and to see a world.

Is to go about and heading for…

Oil on Canvas 100 x 80



Oil on Canvas 100 x 80




Oil on Canvas 100 x 80




… in progress…


Oil on Canvas 100 x 80

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